What is a barre class?
A barre class is a fast-paced workout full of small, fine-tuning movements that condition not only the large muscle groups, but also the tiny muscles that are often neglected when following a traditional exercise routine. Barre exercises stem from the core and encourage flexibility and muscle lengthening. Our exercise routines are easy on the joints and deliver a fat-blasting workout! 
What do I wear to class?
Most people prefer leggings, yoga capris, or something that allows for easy movement and stretching. Socks with grip on the bottom are also recommended since shoes are taken off for class.
Should I warm up before class?
Warming up prior to class is completely optional. In the beginning of each class, clients are put through a dynamic, full-body warm-up. We do recommend that you show up 5 minutes early so that you are ready to begin as soon as class starts.
Do I need previous experience to attend a class?
No, previous experience is not necessary to attend a class. An instructor will demonstrate each movement throughout the workout and will monitor form to guide anyone who needs help.
I am pregnant. Can I take the class?
Absolutely! Omnibarre classes are designed to be safe and effective during pregnancy. Our exercises help maintain a healthy level of activity and flexibility. Let your instructor know if you are expecting so that they can guide you through any modifications you may need.
Is Omnibarre only for women?
No way! Omnibarre is for everyone!
Will Omnibarre help me lose weight?
Yes, our cardio and flexibility work helps increase lean muscle mass while simultaneously boosting your metabolism. 
What age group is barre class for?
At Omnibarre, class is suitable for anyone who can safely get down on the floor and back up. Movements are uniquely designed to be low-impact and to deliver a calorie-blasting and muscular-endurance workout.